The inception of education 101 and where we are now

In 2009, the business needed to get that first foot in the door and get that break.  The embryonic business started as an initial leaflet mail out from a kitchen table offering services to head teachers. The organisation is now a leading nationally recognised company, praised by Ofsted for lifting schools out of special measures in record time and creating long term sustainable educational impacts with their highly praised rapid improvement plan. The business currently works in over 40 schools, leading and managing some and supporting the existing leadership in others by coaching teachers to become Outstanding in 10 weeks using the highly successful 'Outstanding Teacher Diploma Programme'.

With a buzzing, highly skilled back office staff located at their beautiful Essex headquarters the company now is a far removed from the days located at the kitchen table.

The business now has a nationwide network of highly experienced school leaders with impressive track records of successes under their belts and the business has gained a reputation for demonstrating the core values at the very heart of everything they do. The core values of, wisdom, courage and integrity are plastered across the HQ walls, instilled in our hearts and firmly at the fore front of all of our minds.  This relentless energy and dedication will help you achieve the very best possible results for your pupils, whatever their ability.