What inspectors say about our support

 “(Education 101) which offers independent support to the school, have provided important challenge and expertise to school leaders. They have an accurate, well-informed understanding of the school’s strengths. They have used this well to help senior leaders sustain the rapid pace of improvement since the last inspection.”

Ofsted Inspection Report: Rosh Pinah Primary, 28-29 June 2016


“The local authority has brokered effective support for the school by working with (Education 101); the organisation that has provided the leadership of the executive headteacher and training to improve teaching.”  Ofsted Inspection Report: Waltham Holy Cross Junior School, 3-4 June 2015

“The headteacher tackles poor leadership swiftly and holds leaders to account for pupils’ progress. The executive headteacher continues to lead the school skilfully despite significant staff turnover.”   HMI Monitoring letter: Waltham Holy Cross Junior School, 6 Mar 2015  

“New school leaders have secured the confidence of the staff team. Teachers are positive about the journey of improvement. The pace of change has been necessarily swift and there is a determination to make a difference quickly.  The school’s action plans are guiding improvements in the quality of teaching.”   HMI Monitoring letter: Waltham Holy Cross Junior School, 29 April 2014  


“(Education 101) has continued to provide effective support for the leadership team. The introduction of its systems and protocols for the capture and analysis of information about pupils’ progress is enabling school leaders to pinpoint underachievement much more accurately and timely so that improvements in the quality of teaching can be made.

In a very short period of time the Principal and Vice-Principal through their determination and vision for the school have created a welcoming and calm ethos. Protocols for monitoring and evaluating the quality of teaching have been strengthened and, as a result, senior leaders are able make accurate judgements and to give precise feedback to teachers about what and how to improve the quality of their practice.”   

Ofsted Section 8 Inspection Report: Rosherville Church of England Primary School, 19 December 2013


“Employing (Education 101)’s motto of ‘flooding the place with positivity’, the principal has led the continuing, and at times dramatic, improvement of the school with unwavering determination. In this, she is supported by a strong senior leadership team and increasingly effective middle leaders.

(Education 101) and the IEB hold leaders strongly to account.”   

Ofsted Inspection report: Furness School, 4–5 December 2013


“The school has improved rapidly since the Principal arrived last September. In February, the monitoring report commented that, ‘The Principal continues to establish clear and well understood management systems and the result is a rapidly developing inclusive and cohesive ”can do” ethos.’ This is still the case, except that now the other members of the senior leadership team have developed strongly and the clarity of purpose and direction noted at that visit are now widely shared and understood by all staff.”  

Ofsted Report: Richmond Primary School, 9-10 July 2013


“The school is benefiting from additional teaching and learning specialist support from (Education 101) staff.

 Senior leaders, including governors, have rapidly consolidated and built on the improvements achieved since the previous inspection and the pace of improvement has accelerated since the beginning of this year. This is because leaders have quickly established a good understanding of the school’s strengths and areas requiring improvement. They have communicated a clear sense of purpose and direction and act swiftly so that agreed action is implemented without delay.”

Ofsted Inspection Report: Morehall Primary School, 5-6 March 2013


“The local authority is effectively supporting the college, principally through its partnership arrangement with the (Education 101) Company.

The recently appointed Principal and vice-principal have brought a new sense of urgency, passion and commitment to the college’s development. The new leadership team has brought high expectations of success and a clear vision of the way forward that is shared by all the staff. This clarity of purpose has already brought about strong improvement in achievement, attendance and behaviour.”  

Ofsted Inspection Report: Sky College, 19-20 February 2013