Coach First

Want to know how to make your teachers 'outstanding'?

We can provide your school/academy with an individually tailored programme of lesson observations, training and mentoring, in order to turn Ofsted ‘requires improvement’ into ‘outstanding’ as rapidly as possible.  We provide your school/academy with a dedicated Education 101 Coach, which is unique in the marketplace. 

Our coaches focus on the following key areas

  • To equip teachers with the knowledge, practical tools, experience and confidence to consistently deliver high-quality lessons of a ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ Ofsted grade.

  • To build the confidence, drive and energy within the classroom, which is needed to ensure pupils are always fully engaged and learning to their full potential.

  • To give teachers direct experience of ‘outstanding’ practice.
  • To enable teachers to take ownership of their own practice, making accurate judgements about their teaching using the Ofsted criteria. 
  • To work with teachers to develop the practical strategies, habits and routines of excellent educators.

How does it work?

Coach First typically includes the following development areas, delivered over the course of a term:

  1. An initial staff training INSET session to ensure a clear understanding of what an ‘outstanding’ lesson consists of;
  2. A ‘hands on’ lesson observation by a dedicated and experienced Education 101 Coach;
  3. 1:1 lesson feedback and coaching sessions over a ten week period;
  4. A training-file and materials provided to aid coaching development.

The coaching programme can be delivered across a single department or across a whole school/academy and, at every stage; your Education 101 Coach will provide your teaching staff with personalised learning guidance, training and support.

What to do next !

We are uniquely placed to provide Coach First, because of the expertise we have already gained delivering it successfully to over 1200 teachers in over 250 schools.

We consequently possess a clear understanding of how to improve a school’s Ofsted grade from ‘requires improvement,’ to ‘good’ within a term and onwards to ‘outstanding’ within a year.

For further details and costings on how Coach First can transform your school or academy, please contact us here

Our Performance


of teachers taking part in the Education 101 OTD moved up an Ofsted grade over a 10 week training period*


of teachers moved up two Ofsted grades in schools undertaking the programme


of teachers moved up three Ofsted grades in schools which are classed as good and who volunteered to take part in the Education 101 Outstanding Teacher Diploma Programme


of teachers sustained an Ofsted grade improvement one year later

*Teachers analysed across 31 schools in the Autumn Term 2015