101 teach box

101 Teach–Box brings the highly successful Education 101 outstanding coaching programme of lesson observations, training and one-to-one mentoring with a dedicated coach, online to teachers in an affordable and flexible format for schools and academies.  

How does it work?

When teachers have finished their ten week 1:1 ‘Outstanding Teacher Diploma’ coaching programme in school,  101 Teach-Box enables your teachers to maintain and continue with their outstanding training and provides a flexible ongoing coaching method which enables them to fit their coaching around other commitments.

101 Teach-Box provides your teachers with a high quality engaging programme of continuous professional development and sustains their upgraded teaching. 101 Teach-Box also provides your teachers with a continued Education 101 Coach focus and weekly setting of achievement targets. 

The Education 101 outstanding coaching programme has three components which run across the school/academy year.


The Term 2 and Term 3 components ensure that the success achieved by teachers taking part in the outstanding coaching programme is sustained and maintained.

Why choose 101 Teach-Box for your teachers?  

101 Teach-Box provides teachers with a tailored coaching programme of lesson observations, training and mentoring through the 101 Teach-Box online portal and  have access to the following benefits:

Teach-Box ensures that your teachers maintain their enthusiasm and confidence in the classroom. Education 101 Coaches will give weekly feed-back on the progress of teachers taking part in 101 Teach-Box. 

Please contact us at mail@education-101.co.uk or call us on 01245 237636 for further details.