Burgoyne Middle School

I found this course challenging, but it helped me identify areas which I could improve on.  I think the pace of my lessons has improved and my strategies for challenging children and avoiding hands up are better.

Prospect School

Taking part in this course has allowed me to broaden and sharpen the tools in my box and given me opportunities to see others teach to gain more ideas.

Parklands Infant School

Thank you ( Education 101 Coach) for your support and encouragement throughout the programme. I feel I have improved my practice as a teacher and will continue to implement the strategies I have used while doing the programme.  This programme has made feel more confident to become an ‘outstanding’ teacher.


Priestly School

An engaging programme that progressed at a pace that enabled suggestions to be tried, evaluated and then feed back to my  Education 101 Coach.  Thank you for your help and support - I will miss our weekly meetings!

Merrylands Primary School

This course has given me lots of things to use in the classroom and I feel confident that I would use these elements to enhance my lessons.


Southborough Primary School

It has been most helpful that my  Education 101 Coach has been here over two terms. It has enabled her to get to know me and make me feel comfortable with her in the classroom.  It has been a journey where I have developed, updated and improved my classroom practice.  I would like to thank my coach for all her support. It has been a very rewarding experience.


Waltham Holy Cross Junior School

For me, this has been challenging but a career changing course and I am pleased my Education 101 Coach pushed me.  I have enjoyed it and found all the feedback constructive and very specific. My Education 101 Coach understood me as a person and teacher-my confidence has improved dramatically!