GCSE & SATS Booster Programme

Boost your pupils’ results quickly

Education 101 Services can provide your school or academy with a GCSE and SATS-Booster Programme of ‘Intervention and Support,’ guaranteed to boost your Year 6 SATS results and Year 11 GCSE results in those subjects where results have been disappointing. 

Our specialist Education 101 Coaches will arrange an initial meeting with you to investigate your existing Year 6 and Year 11 data, identify your weak areas and focus on improving them. If, for example, numeracy results have been lower than expected, the Education 101 Coaches will devise an ‘Intervention and Support’ programme specifically targeted on eradicating that particular problem, specific to that particular cohort and their learning needs - as no two schools are the same. 

Targeted Help

In action, the GCSE and SATS - Booster Programme targets teachers first, then the class and then narrows its focus to identified target-groups and finally, specific pupils and in this way, Education 101 Coaches provide individual, ‘Bespoke Programmes’ which will raise standards in the shortest possible time-span. 

For further details and costings on our ‘Booster Programme’, please contact us here

“The headteacher (provided by Education 101) has put in place rigorous new procedures for managing the performance of teachers”